Podcast In The Pod: Episode 12 – Thrifty Date Ideas, Thrift Shopping & More – Special Guest: Jermal

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Last week’s episode was more on a serious note and this week is definitely a lighter topic, but still beneficial for your everyday life. This week, we are talking about thrifty date ideas.

It’s okay to be broke, but don’t be CHEEAAP. Yes, the misspelling was on purpose to emphasize the difference between the two. Therefore, we discussed our best tips on what you can do to impress someone on a first date, while still impressing your wallet.

This episode went all the way to the other end of thrifting as we also talked about thrift shopping.

Jermal was a highly requested guest from the office because it was anticipated that him and Sparkle will go at it, but they ended up tag-teaming on me to criticize my use of social media.

Listen to the episode below and let me know what do you think! What are good thrifty date ideas? Are you going to try some ideas we shared? Is thrifting just a recycled trend?

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