The Fit Break Down: Halloween 2018 – Cisco Ramon

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Ok, so cat’s out of the bag, this is my last minute costume! I am actually surprised with how quick people were to guess correctly! I am a bit disappointed but happy as I had all these clues ready. But yes, I am Cisco Ramon  this year.

Although it was last minute, and I initially wanted to go as Cisco’s superhero alter-ego, The Vibe. But I procrastinated on  getting the costume so I decided to go as Cisco as himself who we all loved since season one of The Flash because he’s just as awesome anyways. See the video below on how I made the process and my thought process.

However, I wasn’t just going to say I am Cisco, I was going to put thought in what types of clothes I wear as every article of clothing that makes up this outfit has reason.


If you wanted to see how I made these props, check out the video above!


Cisco definitely loves to layer. You can see that with him wearing his jacket and hoodie or with the look I went for, half-sleeve shirt with a t-shirt underneath.

From watching the shoe, I’ve noticed that he does have a good taste with respect to the shirts he wears and it’s usually solid or has a detailed design, unlike Ralph Dibny. Therefore, I felt that this Tommy Hilfiger shirt (so good for the summer and overall good quality) would be something the character would work either on its own or with a tee inside.

Place of Purchase: Tommy Hilfiger

Price: It’s been a while since I bought this shirt but I remember buying it when it first came out, so with the discounted price was somewhere in the range of $40-$50 CAD.


So this is probably the most important price fo the outfit because this is another example of how Cisco and I have a similar style.

If you watched The Flash you would notice that Cisco pretty much always wears these awesome graphic tees with either a cool message, a witty line or something that requires focus to understand what is being displayed or represented. Therefore, this tee pays homage to a witty character and loveable sci-fi television series, that Cisco would probably love since he’s always referencing them.

The t-shirt features a really cool handmade design and wash. What’s featured are the dinosaur toys that Alan Tudyk’s character in Firefly/Serenity, Wash, played with on his dashboard. You can also see the Firefly ship, Serenity, in the corner. This also pays tribute to Cisco’s child like interests and behaviour, and let’s be real here… mine too.

Place of Purchase: Toronto Comic Con 2018 from a vendor I can’t remember the name of. It was a husband and wife with a lot of different options. If I remember I will update with their business name.

Price: $25 CAD each, but I got a BOGO deal.


A couple years ago bright colour pants were a thing. To be honest, I still wear these pants to work and have a top that makes it professional.  Nonetheless, I always see Cisco rocking chinos and sometimes even the different colour ones like this.

Place of Purchase: Calvin Klein at Scarborough Town Centre

Price: 2 For $40 (Boxing Day a couple years back)


Place of Purchase: The Bay at Scarborough Town Centre

Price: $10 CAD it was a sales price, but since this is an older design it should be that price straight from Yo Sox themselves.


Really simple (in comparison to my other shoes), probably something Cisco would wear. However, it’s not totally simple because there is a lot of details on the shoe that make it functional for everyday tasks or the out of the ordinary meta attack. The brand Converse collaborated with is Carhartt WIP and they constructed the shoe similar to a military backpack which is a cool detail and something he would probably appreciated.

Stay tuned for a more detailed review and maybe even a video.

Place of Purchase: Urban Outfitters- Online.

Price: $129 CAD all together with shipping and tax. This was a steal because it was already 20% off retail but with shipping and taxes it still came out to be cheaper than the retail price Converse Canada and other boutiques has it for (eg. Livestock).

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