Podcast In The Pod: Episode 10 – Chicken Curry or Curry/Curried Chicken? Special Guests – Sean & Sam

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This episode is a heated one for sure, and that’s not just because this whole debate was revolving around curry.

A couple of episodes ago while recording, a former guest and supporter of the show, Andrew D. was interrupting us with a poster. On the poster, it said “chicken curry”. I inquired further about why he wrote that and why interrupt our recording.

Andrew advised that a couple weeks prior, he got into a heated argument with Sparkle & Brandon. The debate was about whether or not you say “chicken curry” or “curried/curry chicken”. I later found out that this passionate debate has been going for years and the two parties that often argue against each other are the Guyanese and Trinidadians.

Therefore, we decided maybe we can settle it once and for all. We had Sean join us and had an impromptu special guest from Sam to also participate in the debate.  Listen below to see how it unfolded!

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