#FreshMusicFridays – Week of September 28, 2018

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I know it’s been a little while since I did one of these #FreshMusicFridays posts but today we were blessed with so much GOOD new music that I had to! See below for my picks from this week’s drop and let me know what you think.


Tha Carter V – Lil’ Wayne

FINALLY! It has dropped! It almost came to a point where we were wondering which album was going to come first, Carter 5 by Lil’ Wayne or Detox by Dr. Dre (It was speculated to drop since 2013). After a really messy legal battle with his adopted father, Bryan “Birdman/Baby” Williams the fifth instalment under the legendary “Tha Carter” series has finally been released. Although Weezy has released several projects and features during the years, it has been 7 years since “The Carter 4” and it hasn’t really been the same.

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Nevertheless, this project has finally dropped and it runs 23 songs deep! Therefore, I didn’t finish my full listen yet but based on social media suggestions and the songs I listened to it looks like Mona Lisa (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) & Let It Fly (Feat. Travis Scott)¬†seem to be the songs people have been banging since the album dropped at midnight. However, my favourite records so far is Dedicate and Famous (feat. Reginae Carter). Reginae Carter is Weezy’s daughter by the way.

Another Listen

Young Sinatra IV – Logic

Keeping up with the theme of featuring roman numerals in album title, another incredible project that was released was Logic’s Young Sinatra IV! Logic has obtained much more recognition the last couple of years especially with his powerful track 1-800-273-8255 (Suicide Prevention) was released. It is awesome to see him get that recognition and personally, I feel he constantly gets snubbed when it comes to the awards that he is not received. Nonetheless, that song achieved much more significance than an award can do, it really did change people’s lives. However, Logic continues to get over looked and under appreciated which brings us to this current project.

The only reason for why I am even listing this album under “Another listen” is exactly because of what he just tweeted above. Logic is in my top 5 of rappers alive today based on his flow, content, lyricism and overall persona. Most people I talked to look at me sideways when I bring up Logic, but if you needed a wake up call and actually want to listen someone who’s been in the game for a minute that can actually spit, please listen to this album. Below, is my favourite record so far and if you’re an old ignorant hip-hop head and need a co-sign to give Logic a chance, how does ALL LIVING MEMBERS OF THE WU TANG CLAN SOUND!? Listen below to this 2018 hip-hop anthem.


Cautious – Tyler Shaw

Flipping the script completely, for my sleepers I am going straight to pop music. I have been following Tyler Shaw ever since he had his launch through Much Music and Coca Cola. Tyler Shaw’s music mixes in pop, song writing, rock and more. He just dropped a new album as well called Intuition. The album is focused heavily on his strong vocals and smooth singing which is why it is a great introduction to the artist if you never heard of him before. My favourite track from the album is the single “Cautious” which you can hear below.

Solita (Feat. Rich The Kid) РPRETTYMUCH 

Who said boy bands are dead?! Well, there’s only two that I listen to because for me the music has to be good. That is why the boy bands I would say reminds me the most of *NYSNC & Backstreet Boys would be Why Don’t We and PRETTYMUCH.

PRETTYMUCH is a boy band that was put together and recruited by Simon Cowell from all across North America. The guys are known for their solid dancing and singing which they’re tracks would most likely want you to do. Their latest track is no different and is a definite banger that you may not hear on the radio but should. This track features a catchy beat and Latin music influence (something that’s often heard in music today).

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