Podcast In The Pod – Episode 8: Is it Still Okay to Talk To Your Ex? Is it ok to be friends? – Special Guest Ray

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The reason why Podcast In The Pod goes beyond any other podcast or water cooler talk is because we can get a little personal with our discussions while still having a fun time. For this episode, we discussed whether or not it is ok to still be friends with your Ex-partner, let alone talk to them.

Prior to recording the episode, I quickly collected data over a span of 24 hour via an Instagram poll. If you want to know what the results were, click the link below.

Also, if you want to to participate in the next question that will relate to our upcoming episode make sure you follow me on IG – @CHIP_LS_THUV . To catch up on prior episodes, subscribe and browse through this website or subscribe to us on the iTunes podcast app! If there were any other questions or comments, leave it in the comments below!

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