Firstly, I just want to repeat my gratitude to everyone who took the time to wish me it is truly appreciated!

It’s another day, another year and overall blessing to be alive.

Yesterday, with all the rain going on the outfit I wore was mainly from my YouTube video (see below) and from dinner, and was pretty simple but still had significance.

So let’s get into it.


The biggest part of this outfit is the sneakers. The sneakers is the primary piece of this fit as the entire story and mood can be depicted just from looking at the sneakers.

For a full breakdown and details please check out the article I wrote. In a nutshell, the sneakers are Nike Kobe AD’s that I designed that signifies the importance of Kobe Bryant’s historical 81 point for himself, the Toronto Raptors and myself. That 81 point performance was something painful to watch and endure as a Raptors fan but also amazing to see as a fan of basketball. Kobe Bryant is an example of someone who I admire that proves that you can create your own fate and legacy as long as you continue to believe in yourself and never jeopardize your work ethic.

Place of Purchase:, if you want to customize it click here.

Full details: here


Usually this is last but since I was rocking a pair of Kobe’s you know I had to rock some Kobe socks to match.

These socks were released when Kobe retired in celebration of “KB20” and his legendary career as a NBA Player and Los Angeles Laker.

Place of Purchase: AtEaze

Price: $10-15 CAD

Brand: Stance Socks


The next thing I had planned for today were these pair of jeans I’ve been meaning to break out.

It’s a pretty slim fit but the comfort is still there which is always great. What’s even better? The price I got this for. As you can also see, there is a distinct wash for the denim which gives these jeans more character with use. I’m not sure where else you can get G-Star Raw denim for this price.

Place of Purchase: The Bay

Price: On sale for $60 CAD+ an additional 15% off (it was a sale on sale at that time)

Brand: G-Star Raw


With the constant raining it was pretty cold and gloomy so I decided to rock a sweater and surprisingly had something that shared the same colour tone as the upper of the kicks, so why not?

It’s pretty light and after wash it does shrink. However, it’s still nice to wear even afterwards as the functionality which is not surprising since this a brand that prides themselves on their pocket knives.

Place of Purchase: Sears

Price: $29 CAD

Brand: Victorinox

All in all, it was a pretty low-key outfit for a low-key birthday.

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