Podcast In The Pod

Podcast In The Pod: Episode 6 – Nike x Kaepernick – Our Take, Is it Just a Brand Move? & More!

Yes, there was a week off but we are back!

In case you weren’t aware people have either lost their minds or had their heart strings pulled with Nike’s latest ad under their dream crazy campaign. The campaign first started a week ago focusing on tennis legend Serena Williams, however with the NFL officially starting it’s new season on Thursday…. well Nike, just did it.

Nike has decided to put out another video but this time showcasing real people and their admirable resilience to accomplishing their dreams, including 2 Chainz former manager Charlie Jabelay (his story is impressive). See the campaign ad below. But, why would people lose their minds?

Well the commercial is narrated by the athlete who has been blacklisted from the NFL for standing up for what he believes in, Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick is a former QB for San Francisco 49ers who led his team to the Super Bowl five years ago and after 2016 season has been blacklisted from the NFL after taking a knee during the national anthem. The reasoning behind taking a knee was to bring awareness for the social injustice and unlawful killings of black Americans. It was later disclosed that Nike has in fact signed Kaepernick to an endorsement deal and will release a signature line in the near future.

With all that context, listen into this week’s episode by clicking the button below and/or subscribing to our podcast that can be found on iTunes. Enjoy, and make sure you subscribe to the blog below so you won’t miss any more great content!


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