Podcast In The Pod: Episode 5 – Is Dancing With Someone Other Than Your Significant Other Considered Cheating?, MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT & More!

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This week is a special episode because there is quite a few things going on, including a major announcement that I will mention later on!

Firstly, our topic for this week is to discuss whether or not dancing with someone other than your significant other is considered cheating. We share our thoughts and try to break down some situations and examples where you may be catching some feelings. Plus, I discovered something about Brandon that I just discovered that day which I called him out for. For more, click that video below and scroll down for that!

Oh, and that major announcement?  We’re officially approved on iTunes podcast! Yes, that is right you can go onto your iTunes podcast and subscribe to our podcast so you can listen on your commute on the bus, drive to work and more!

Make sure you subscribe to CHIP Lifestyle so you don’t miss out on great content and of course our podcast on iTunes!


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