The Fit Break Down: Montreal, Quebec

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It has literally been a month since I went to Montreal, so it’s better late than never to break down the fit I have been planning for a while now. Before you scroll down to see what articles of clothing makes this outfit make sure you check out the quick recap video of the trip below!


Although I usually start with the sneakers because they are the base for the outfit, for this specific fit it was actually the jacket. That being said, there were a few reasons for why I wanted these pairs… that don’t include any resale or hype intentions.

Firstly, if you see the jacket I wanted a sneaker that featured a cheetah or animal print design. Secondly, I really admire the vision that the Atmos brand has when they collaborate with different brands and this was no different as the design was well executed. The different animal prints and placement are so well placed that either strays people away or if you are like me, enjoy the wild concept. Stay tuned for a review very soon!

Price: $4,299.00 R (South African Rand)

Place of Purchase: Shelflife. If you missed my post from before where I shared how you can grab a pair for a little above retail, you would have to settle for resale. You can view some sizes at Stadium Goods.


This jacket is what inspired the entire fit and to be honest, I made sure I checked out Montreal because I wanted to incorporate this jacket in a strong outfit and picture. I was in love with this jacket the moment I saw it and I waited for Black Friday to buy it on sale and with a promotion. I really wanted a coach jacket, and this was a no brainer since it was produced by Starter.

Montreal Expos were an old MLB team and it just felt right (regardless of how scorching the weather was) to rock this while I was there. The cheetah print adds a whole another layer to the jacket and the story that it tells, but overall just makes it look great.

Price: $59.99 CAD

Place of Purchase: Unfortunately, the jacket is no longer available at Urban Outfitters.You may be able to buy it off ebay, but it won’t be for that price.


I know I was wilidin’ wearing a nylon coach jacket in the burning heat but I had to make sure I was at least keeping my eyes in check with some fresh glasses that have a matching pattern, at a great price.

Price: $10 (yes you read that right!)

Place of Purchase: Vans, in store.


Although you are not able to see it properly in the pictures I have taken, this was the shirt I was wearing. This was a dope shirt that I got to customize by choose the front and back print that was exclusive to fans who were in attendance during the 2016 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals at the ACC. As someone who loves sneakers I love this fusion of the Raptor with a sneaker. Of course, I had to include the “We The North” slogan on the back but chose a graffiti style to coincide with the edgy front image.

The reason why I chose to incorporate this piece to the fit is because I felt with rocking such hype and well executed sneakers it was a must.

Price: $30 CAD (I believe)

Place of Purchase: 2016 NBA Playoffs – Semi Conference Finals at the Air Canada Centre



If you’re thinking you saw this pair of jeans before, it’s because you have. I wore this in my outfit to Olympic Park since it was the same day. For more on this pair of jeans and that Fit Break Down, check out the post here.


Price: $11 CAD

Place of Purchase: Sockrates Kiosk

Let me know what you guys think about the outfit, what’s your favourite piece and more in the comments below!

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