Podcast In The Pod: Episode 3 – James Gunn, How long are you liable for your past? & More!

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Another week, another weekly episode for you all!

One reason for why I really enjoyed this episode because it was just us, the original three! Another reason was that it related to the comics world, specifically the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This week, we discussed the situation regarding the former director of Guardians of Galaxy, James Gunn.

James Gunn has recently been fired from Disney and has had other projects dropped after certain tweets from nearly 10 years ago were resurfaced after he was going back and forth with right-wing trump supporters.

The main reason for why James Gunn was brought up was because it lead to the main topic of discussion. How long are you liable for your past?

In this situation, James Gunn got fired for tweets that was sent ten years ago. Although it very very poor taste and to be honest, not funny at all it does beg the question if he should lose his job over it. We discuss the situation and the topic by sharing our thoughts. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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