The Fit Break Down: Jacques-Cartier Park

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As you can see above, this picture with Maurice “Rocket” Richard was taken at Jacques-Cartier Park. I got to walk around the park for a bit but I was mainly in Gatineau to see Mosaïculture.

I’ve been posting the recaps throughout this week which has lead to this fit break down. Check here for the recap blog post and down below for the video before you go down further to see how this fit was composed.

The way that this outfit is consisted of, the pieces are art themed and tell a story raising awareness for an important cause.


If you haven’t checked out the review, please visit here. This goes into detail on why this shoe means a lot and the story it tells.

Place of Purchase: Nike Employee Store

Price: $200 retail 30% off (due to Nike Store) is $140


This tee is one of my favourite and I wanted to get this before it even came out for numerous reasons. Firstly, this tee is synbolic and pays tribute to an important piece of history for women empowerment (1963 Women March in Washington). This tee shirt was originally designed as a one of one for Yara Shahidi (solid actor and awesome young activist) for her 18th birthday party.

The tee was then released in limited drop and later restocked in honour of International Women’s Day. A portion of proceeds will go to the Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights.

Also, if you weren’t aware the main reason for why this collaboration with HSTRY happened is because that brand belongs to her older cousin, Nas.

Yes, Nas being the GOAT for rap in my personal opinion helped get this done. With the powerful message it shares, it actually feature a beautiful message as well since there are three different artists featured. Yara, Nas and James Baldwin.

Place of Purchase: HSTRY, still available

Price: $40.00 USD


Could not find the socks again so here’s an old picture that I took featured in my #SockgameStrongSaturdays series

As a raptors Fan, you know I want to support Raptors players when they pursue other ventures. Well, former Toronto Raptor Patrick Patterson has a collaboration with known Sock retailer, Yo Sox. He has an entire collection but I really liked this particular colourway the most which is why I bought it. It also goes with the art and basketball theme.

Place of Purchase: I can’t remember, but it was a deal. Regardless you can buy other socks in the collection directly from Yo Sox

Price: $10-$15.00 CAD


These shorts were not only cheap but they are probably the most comfortable shorts I own!

Place of Purchase: Urban Planet

Price: $15-20.00 CAD

All in all, this fit was pretty simple but the articles of clothing represented something more complex.

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