Podcast in The Pod: Episode 1: Special Guest: Stacy Russ, New (Old) Ontario Sex Ed., Masculinity & More!

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When I created CHIP Lifestyle, I had several reasons for why I did but also different goals I wanted to achieve. It was a goal of mine to extend CHIP Lifestyle from a blog to a platform. It is with great excitement I introduce to you the first series brought to you by CHIP Lifestyle… Podcast in the Pod!


The story behind Podcast in The Pod is simple. Three co-workers (and special guests) having deep, hilarious and heated conversations within one pod (work station) making working on Saturdays much more enjoyable!

I’m thankful for my co-workers and good friends, Brandon and Sparkle, because they are two individuals who have supported me with CHIP Lifestyle from day one. They also have a lot of information and unique perspectives that pushes me to be more informed and reflect on my own perspectives.

The three of us have talked, or better yet argued, about everything from Bill Cosby to Light Skin vs. Dark Skin to many more topics. It was to the point where we jokingly called this a podcast since our conversations lasted for a while but it was a shame that no one was recording it. The little buzz and excitement gained from our other co-workers led to us finally having these conversations recorded!


Podcast in the Pod is by far not your traditional podcast. Firstly, due to scheduling and time constraints these podcasts will be less than fifteen minutes. Secondly, we are no where near professionals in this particular industry nor do we have any professional tools or resources. Lastly, for now the only two ways you can listen to the podcast is on IG TV (Instagram) and right here on chiplifestyle.com ! So make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page to subscribe via email and fit the follow on social media buttons!

Episode One

Now, what you came here for. Below is our first official episode and for this particular recording we had a special guest join us, Ms. Stacy Russ! It was awesome to have her on the show because not only she’s an overall awesome person she is a proud mother not hiding away from her honest thoughts. Also, she is a true boss that designs and makes amazing clothing so make sure to check her out.

For this episode our main topic was the big change in sex ed. happing in Ontario schools. We shared what we thought and also got into masculinity as well as the Me Too movement. Since the episode was recorded on Friday the 13th we also talked about one interesting superstitionWithout saying anything else, take a listen for yourself below and let us know what you think!  *Remember to stay updated with new episodes subscribe via email below!*

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