The Fit Break Down: BAIT X Diadora X Transformers + Get Down Brothers Tribute – May 12th, 2018

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The concept of this fit was a long time in the making, I am just glad I was able to bring it all together and rock it. If you haven’t done so already checkout the post on IG, and feel free to follow! See below for the breakdown.

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“"D" is for doin' "O" is for our crew "W" is for winning "N" it's naturally what we do – Get Down!” Swipe left and hit the link in Bio! … Peep the name on the jacket 👀 this #ootd was long time in the making, if you can recall I did a post highlighting the best things on Netflix you may have missed and #TheGetDown was definitely on it as it’s one of my fav shows of all time. Click the link to check both #TheFitBreakDown and the other post, you won’t regret it as I tell you how it fits together and where you can buy it! Also, I love #BAIT ‘s collabs it’s always well executed and just happy to finally break them out. First #Diadora kicks and really happy I got one that shows love to a childhood favourite! #Transformers ! Special shoutout to the homie @sjnkombat for always coming through with the 📸 #TFBD #CHIPLifestyle

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It was love at first sight when I first saw the images of this collaboration.

Place of Purchase: It was through an online raffle held at BAIT, as they usually do for their collaborations. The pack features the sketches, collectable figurine and you can choose from Optimus Prime (my colourway), Bumble Bee, Megatron & Soundwave. The execution, detailing and packaging is insane for this product. Although, it was through an online raffle,  I didn’t realize that the entire pack is actually still available online at BAIT here.

Image Source: BAIT Blog

Price: $230 USD (not including duties and taxes)


I have been eyeing this jacket for a while now. The Get Down is one of my favourite shows of all time, it is unfortunate it did not continue but I do believe the impact will still live on. If you wanted to know more about the show, check out my post about things to watch on Netflix.

I was actually going back and forth with a sales rep from this company, because I was worried about the fitting and the customization. Thankfully, the rep was very helpful and they also mentioned you can email your preferred sizing and they can get your jacket custom fit. I ended up going with a large, and the fit is great. There is room to breathe and move with comfort while having a slim fit. The satin detail was great, I just wish that colours were a bit darker (more red and more blue). I also enjoyed the name plate, and the the Get Down at the back. Overall, I was happy with the product and service and surprised with the quick delivery.

Place of Purchase: Hollywood Jackets. Definitely looking to buy from them again. If you want this jacket and want to customize here is a direct link.

Price: $98 USD – Free Shipping, No duties


Went with the LRG jeans because the brand is known for its presence in hip hop. I remember back when Kanye was rocking it.

Place of Purchase: Boathouse

Price: It was a while ago, but I remember buying it on Black Friday several years ago. I believe it came up to $60 CAD plus tax.


All about the Benjamin’s baby! One of my favourite tracks from the Get Down is “Bout The Bank!” So I had to go with these socks, check out the performance below.

Place of Purchase: West 49

Price: 2 for $15 CAD

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