#FreshMusicFridays – May 4th, 2018

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Firstly, before you start to indulge into new music, just wanted to wish everyone a happy Star Wars day and may the force/forth be with you! Now, let’s get into some new music.


Youth (feat. Khalid) – Shawn Mendes

When writing this post, I realized today’s theme seems to be featuring Ontario artists. Right from the first chord I immediately got hooked and I didn’t press pause since. The song really is beautiful and it’s not just because of the guitar but because of the lyrics. This song is a banger because it’s a record that I expect to get a lot of radio play, steams and hopefully award nominations. The message ties in perfectly with the instrumentation and strong vocals by the artists.

There really isn’t any two other artists right now that can sing this song better than Shawn and Khalid as they are both rising to the top with their own musical styles. Whether or not you’re a fan of these artists I do believe you should take a listen below.

Rae Sremmurd 3 Part Album (SR3MM , Swaecation & Jxmtro) – Let’s talk about it!

This young and energetic duo really made a name for themselves with their club bangers, live shows and oh, don’t forget when they made the whole world stop (in reference to Black Beatles, the song of the mannequin challenge).

I initially wanted to say that the duo was going the Outkast route with the delivery of this album but I can’t, it’s different! The boys are unique in their own right and unlike Speakerboxxx/The Love Below this album SR3MM (also known as Sremm Life 3) is a triple album consisting of a solo album from Slim Jxmmi entitled Jxmtro, solo album from Swae Lee entitled Swaecation and of course the Rae Sremmurd album.

  1. Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (From SR3MM)rae-sremmurd-sr3mm

    In an interview with Desus and Mero, the duo mentioned that this is the record they feel will be the continuation to “Black Beatles”. I can definitely see why, it shares the same components of the song and with enough streams and air play the single can have a life of it’s own. Listen on Apple Music here.

  2. Changed Up (From Jxmtro)

    Slim Jxmmi JxmtroThere is probably another song I could have selected from Slim Jxmmi’s album as a banger, and honestly it would’ve been a better choice. The reason why I went with this is because it’s my personal favourite from his album. It’s a mature perspective that we don’t always get to hear from the duo about the lifestyle they’re living, listen here.

  3. Hurt To Look (From Swaecation)

    swaecation.jpgSwae Lee is known for a catchy hook and a majority of his album features his singing. What I like about his approach is that with the different beats and styles he tries out we are getting to see a new side of Swae. Once again this is my personal favourite from his album, it just sounds different but still set’s a relaxing tone and was the first single off his album. You can listen to the song here.


Sore Losers – Russ 

Russ is following his previous release technique of dropping new records weekly, and last week he dropped a new song entitled Sore Losers. This song is absolute fire due to the raw emotion and honest delivery presented from start to finish. The beat for the record is well done as well as it compliments the tone of the song.

The song is definitely a record that can be slept on, but shouldn’t due to the different components I just highlighted. The producer, writer, engineer, mixer takes his stance on a couple of subjects on this record. One of the topics was the the rise of drug culture in hip-hop, which Russ has been vocal about for some time. However, for me when I first read the title for the record I immediately thought this was his response to the recent black-lash he’s been getting.  Russ has also caused some commotion over an interview he did where he said the blame for the reason why hip-hop is at it’s current state falls on the producer, not the rapper. It’s definitely a hot take and it didn’t sit well with others, but hey Russ is known to express his honest thoughts. Whether you agree or disagree with the hot take, take a listen below to a solid song.

Another Listen

No Shame (Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR) – Future

Personally, I am excited to see the upcoming Superfly film for several reasons. Firstly, the motion picture is directed by Director X. The Toronto legend has an impressive portfolio of work consisting of creative commercials (click here to see the Gap ones and more) and of course his iconic music videos (From Hotline Bling to King Kunta to More). Therefore, I am happy to see that he’s getting this opportunity. Secondly, The lead character is played by Trevor Jackson who’s career I have been following since the early beginning which is why I am hoping to also see him on this soundtrack.

Speaking of the soundtrack, it is actually being produced by the rapper Future. This is not the first time a soundtrack has been led by a rapper as Jay-Z and most recently Kendrick Lamar, have done so as well. Personally, even though Black Panther is my favourite Marvel movie of all time, the soundtrack disappointed me because I felt it identified more as a Kendrick Lamar album than it did as a soundtrack to the film. Therefore, I do hope this soundtrack can have its own identity and not sound like a Future solo album.

This song is listed under the “Another Listen” category because when I first initially listened to the record I wasn’t feeling it. But I took another listen yesterday and just let the guitar speak to me. Future who also goes by the nickname Future Hendrix definitely lives to the name with the smooth guitar that really has a voice of it’s own providing a smooth but edgy tone that is also said to describe the fictional Superfly character. The song also features Mississauga born singer/songwriter PARTYNEXTDOOR, who like X, has been adding more achievements to his resume with his work on features and songwriting to now being involved in a motion picture soundtrack. Take a listen below and make your call.



Coastline – Preme 

Speaking of OVO and Toronto artists Preme (formerly known as P. Reign) just dropped a new album. I am listing this as a sleeper because with everyone else going on you might have not known. The album has a lot of features on ranging from Post Malone, Lil’ Wayne, Offset and more. There is a lot to go through in the album which you should but for the sleeper hit I am putting his solo single Coastline. It’s a song that you can get lost in the melody but has deeper meaning if you listen to what he’s saying about his surroundings and also about his self-awareness. Preme just dropped the visual for the track and you can watch it below.

Other Songs to Listen To:

You Can Cry – Marshmello feat. Juicy J & James Arthur, Hands on Me – BURNS, Maluma, Rae Sremmurd, Mercy – VALNTN


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