TFBD: Avengers Infinity War – April 28th, 2018

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Welcome to my first post under the The Fit Break Down section. To be honest, I’ve been waiting to do my first post for a while as this is one of the main reasons I wanted to start the blog. Stay tuned for archived posts as well.

As you can tell from my review post which you can find here, I was fortunate enough to see the new Avengers film. If you haven’t already, check out the review here. My love for comics is expressed past the stacks of comics I read or movies I watch, as I also express it through my sneakers and clothing. I’m not sure how many like to dress up when you go to the theatres or at least (like me) wear something that is related to the movie you are going to watch.

The purpose of The Fit Break Down is to get a detailed look on what went into the outfit and how and where you can buy the items. So for this post, take a look at what I decided to wear when seeing Avengers.


Please note that I will be doing a proper review and spotlight on these sneakers soon. I will update once it is up, but feel free to follow to be notified when it is up!

A couple of months ago I was asked by a friend what my “grails” (the sneakers you considered to be your all time favourites), and I had some ideas but wasn’t sure. Fast forward today, I can easily say that these are easily one and listed in my top five. I really do love these for so many reasons and can’t wait to share it soon.

If I have to confess, I’ve been going to this theatre for a couple of releases now and always walked by this mural and the moment I saw the images of the Sean Wotherspoon X Air Max 1/97 I knew I had to cop, do this pose and post for the gram.

Price: $215 CAD

Place of Purchase: HAVEN. You can still purchase via re-sale market… trust me I am grateful to have got these for retail. Nevertheless, these are awesome and today only you can this or something else from Stadium Goods for 15% off site-wide.


It was raining that day but still pretty warm so I decided to just stick to a hoodie. I chose this particular one because it looked like something Tony Stark would wear. It’s comfortable to wear, the only thing I don’t like are the strings at the bottom.

Price: $20 CAD

Place of Purchase: Stitches/Urban Planet


When I first saw this t-shirt something about it just made me want to cop it. I think the price did have a major influence when it came to buying it. It’s a new tee with a vintage vibe which goes perfectly well with Sean Wotherspoon’s style and his store Round 2.

The shirt feels comfortable and meets my preference for a white shirt as it fits a bit loose.

Price: $9 CAD with Pyjamas

Place of Purchase: No Frills (Yes you read that right, the supermarket)


Once again wanting to match the kicks so well, I thought it was only right I wore corduroy pants to match the corduroy material on Air Max 1/97s.

These were an absolute steal. If I bought it for original retail price it would’ve been way more but I tend to keep an eye for good deals. Black Brown makes great quality clothing so when I saw this I was really surprised and didn’t hesitate.

Price: $20 CAD (Clearance)

Place of Purchase: The Bay


*Somewhat spoiler* Although he’s not in this film, I still had to rock these socks when watching this film. Hawkeye is actually an intriguing character and I wish we could get to see him get his own Netflix series or movie. These socks are the best fit for me, not too snug and easy to put on.

Price: $8.99 USD

Place of Purchase: *You can sign up to get 15% off your first order or use code: Assemble for 10% off orders of $45 or more.

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