#ShelfSitting : Top 5 Sneakers You Didn’t Know Were (Still) Available – Week of April 22nd, 2018

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Welcome to another week of Shelf Sitting (Sneakers that are still available to easily be purchased). Going forward with the posts I’m going to try to keep it short. Remember the link is the hyperlink (in blue). Let me know if you cop!

5. Air Jordan Retro – Shadow X (Ten)

Image Source: https://sneakernews.com/2018/03/30/air-jordan-10-dark-shadow-detailed-look-310805-002/

There’s been a couple of releases of the retro Air Jordan recently (cool grey, I’m back) and now the return of the “Shadow” colourway. It’s a fan favourite and a good choice if you wanted a darker grey to go with dark heather grey or grey black fits. A pretty good run is available on some sites, but I would suggest Exclucity since they have a cash back program!

4. The Puma Money Pack

Image Source: http://www.complex.com/sneakers/2017/11/puma-releases-canadian-money-pack

This has been on my watchlist for sometime now. I just love the concept and execution on a classic silhouette. Each colour corresponds with a form of Canadian currency. The colour options include a mint/light green ($20 bill), salmon/light red ($50 bill) and beige/light brown ($100 bill).

I wish they included a Clyde model for the $5 and $10 bill as well. A violet Clyde with the Canadian detailing is an instant cop. I also wish they had this in a special box or special packaging that would include all models. Nevertheless, it is currently available and also marked down to $99 right here at Footlocker Canada .

3. Nike Epic React Flyknit


When these first dropped it sold out fairly quickly. There were a lot of promotional campaigns including a video featuring Kevin Hart as well as different shirt ads. Nevertheless these dropped recently and Nike Toronto set up a “dispensary” downtown for 04/20 where Bill Nye was a featured guest promoting the shoe. The comfort level is highly praised and there are much more colour options available now. Take a look by visiting Nike now!

2. Fila Mindblower Collaborations

There is no surprise that the dad shoe and 90s shoes are taking over. We’ve need Yeezy, Nike and Puma all create models that capitalized on the trend. Fila was pretty silent up until recently where they decided to bring back a fan favourite, the Fila Mindblower. The way they brought it back however was genius. Fila hosted a pop-up shop in New York City

These were going to be my number one pick, especially because I absolutely love the marketing strategy involved. However, it drops down to number two because FILA US does not accept international payment and only ships to US addresses. FILA step your game up! I went through two different mail forwarding companies trying to purchase the Marcus Troy collaboration. I actually didn’t know who he was until I saw the whole collection and researched him. I immediately wanted to cop once I heard his story and found out he was a fellow Canadian who started from a “blog” but really took it to new heights for himself. The velour upper sneaker was designed by both Marcus and his twin brother, Naskademini. The colour scheme and concept was inspired by the lifestyle and clothing the people the brothers were influenced by. Unfortunately their sneaker is sold-out but hopefully, they can offer another way to purchase the sneaker. The collaborations included brands such as Nas’ HSTRY, Shelflife and more. If you have a US connect then check out what’s still available at FILA US.

1. Adidas x Parley Ultraboost Carbon

Image Source: Livestock

One of my favourite pickups and top sneakers of 2017 in my opinion was the Parley x Ultraboost 3.0. It is not only super comfortable, but its also made from approximately 11 plastic waterbottles!

At one point, some people just wanted to buy only Ultraboosts or NMDs. I can say the boost technology is pretty good and if you do want to own a couple of sneakers, then having a Ultra Boost in your rotation is highly recommended. I would say this would be the best option because its stylish and eco-friendly.  This is a must cop and surprisingly is available at a full size run at Livestock.

As always let me know what you think and what you cop!

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